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Mitchell’s Conflict Essay Assignment

Situational Analysis Essay

Devolution EssayQuantitative vs Qualitative Research Methods

Quantitative vs Qualitative Research Methods

Describe how information processing theory explains learning

Human Rights Strategies to combat corruption

How would you, as an HR practitioner ensure that information reported on an HR dashboard is relevant for management decision making.

Customers and Supply Chain Management Assignment

Critically evaluate the psychological effects of natural disasters

How does the conscious act of feminist mothering transform the institution of motherhood?

Conflict theories revolve around the question of scarce resources. Analyze this assertion with reference to at least three conflict theories of your choice and the African context.

Conflict Analysis and Transformation

Compare and contrast the diagonal communication with horizontal communication. Draw examples from the practical field of work.

Critique the view that effective communication enhances organizational success

Childhood and Adolescent Abuse is associated with a wide variety of adverse psychological and health outcomes. Discuss

Analyze the 4 rules a counsellor should adhere to have a successful counselling outcome with the child.

Change Management Assignment

CEO Manifesto Assignment

Business Exist to bring Value

Black Feminism Assignment

Barriers to Adult Education Assignment

Athletics Program Assignment


Analyze the merits that have been brought about by the internet (100 marks).

Analytical Decision Making Assignment

Under-development in Africa Assignment

Advantages and Disadvantages of the behavioral approach

Using Mitchell’s Conflict model, describe the significance of attitudes, behaviour and situation in conflict management and resolution.

Situational Analysis Essay

Discuss with relevant examples Peter Blunts poor symptoms of institutional governance in Zimbabwe.

Devolution Essay, case study of Zimbabwe


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