Fair Use Policy

We have been assisting students and businesses with quality documents since 2010. Our aim is to provide all our clients with topic quality material that they can be proud of. This Fair Use Policy is intended to describe to our clients how they can extract the maximum benefit when utilizing our writing services.


Whatever document we give to you is a MODEL answer. The greatest temptation you have is taking what we have written and pass it on as yours. We do not condone plagiarism. We want you to take what we have given to you as one of the many ways a research problem can be answered. You can have a classroom of 100 people answering an essay question differently. Ours is just another way. Take it, be inspired to come up with a great product.

We will not be liable in anyway for how you use what we give you. By placing an order with us you absolve Dissertation Factory and all its writers from any wrongdoing, both from a legal and ethical point of view.

As a business, Dissertation Factory strives to ensure all its clients are happy with the final product we give to them. We promise to review any revision request from all customers diligently. Many of customers come in the form of referrals, which signifies satisfaction of our clients. We want each client to do the same.

Please note, we can only start work or give you you desired work once your payment reflects in our account.

We do not give refunds once orders are placed. We promise to review all papers when any of our clients is not happy with the work we have done. This rarely happens but at times clients may point out corrections from our work. We always address these. Provided of course there aren’t any drastic changes such as changing the research question. To minimize such cases, the client must always provide guidelines on how they want the research problem to be addressed.


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